Coffee Games

By Puzzled Escape Games

Welcome to our COFFEE CUP ADVENTURE landing page, and thank you for playing our games. Here's a little primer.

Click on the computer image below to see a video setting up the game and the story, after that the first puzzles you will solve are the four cups.

If you get STUMPED OR STUCK at any stage of the game, go get a hint or two from the Hints and Solutions page. That being said, the game is hard and is supposed to be hard. It requires time and thought to finish the cups alone, and the first online puzzle is a really meaty one.
The game is designed to be played by 1-2 people over a lazy Sunday with good coffee and cinnamon buns to your aid.

For the first online part, we recommend that you print out the puzzles. It makes it a lot easier to follow. That’s it. Get cracking!

Hints and Solutions Page

The intro video and start of the game